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Accessories pt.1

Accessories pt.1

The limited collection of caps further revealed the character of the Bougie Studio brand.

Unisex caps are made of thick cotton in washed black color. This color has a one of pattern on any given piece of fabric and garment, making each cap unique in its own way. Due to the natural material, caps are suitable for any season and any weather. The size can also be adjusted using the metal buckle on the back.

We used the signature embroidery with contrasting white thread for the two inscriptions “behave” and “so bad”.

The color and material convey a bit of a vintage vibe, the inscriptions - a daring mood.

As always paying attention to every detail of the products, in addition to the logo, we used a branded tape on the inner seams of the caps.

Endless options on what to wear it with... One thing remains - to choose one or to get both.